Donna Woodruff
14 min readNov 24, 2020

Can the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo paired with The Barrington Project save New Mexicans from the nations strictest quarantines.


Donna Woodruff:

Decline of Mexican Nationalists health crimes targeted at their children which will increase the rate of poor health among their demographics future lineage. These cultures have been home to New Mexico centuries before Manifest Destiny. Up to Colorado and all the way to the Pacific Ocean was once filled with Dynasty’s of Native American and Mezo American Tribes and Colonies. Their Native ancestors and their cultures have perished due to the constant state of Quarantine their remaining members have faced for nearly 200 years are still having huge affects on their communities overall health and well being. Our Natives are going extinct, both in DNA and Culture and the rest of the state is following suit during this years global lockdowns.

Human Trafficking of Mezo and Native Americans has not seen any decrease, In fact has increased since 2014. They were the most vulnerable to the diseases we brought to them unwillingly when American’s sought to move west and are still plagued by them today. It’s not just coronavirus attacking sensitive DNA or those with poor health, it’s also the crime driving the disease among our highways, city roads, rural roads and residential streets. I beg that you see the real sickness of our state is repeat offenders and offenders who are passing through New Mexico who purchase our Children and Women for Sex and Labor, commit murders, theft, domestic violence and drug related crimes. Would you please instead put repeat offenders in Lockdown and test all arrested for any crime for coronavirus and monitor our highways for signs of trafficking. Our citizens have been put in Quarantine and it’s made them easier targets for these types of crimes. Our Children are dying by their own hands and our elderly are fading in a whimper who need their families in their most fragile moments during this pandemic. We New Mexicans are burning out emotionally, financially and spiritually and rage is slowly setting in. We deserve to chose for ourselves who and how we should physically distance. We have been educated on the many important ways to stay healthy and avoid contamination however we’ve been instead treated like incompetent cattle. We have the right to make mistakes because of our humanity and can certainly agree is deeply as fragile as it is resilient. It is far better to allow an entire state of people to trust that we citizens are capable of making our own medical decisions ALSO reminding leadership to be aware that we DO IN FACT reserve patients rights which gives us the power to refuse any treatment INCLUDING QUARANTINE, TESTING AND VACCINATIONS. We also reserve the right to discuss options and procedures with our physicians which is outside of Grisham’s district of authority especially since she is not a licensed physician and therefore her harsh restrictions are proof of her inept rudimentary approach to Quarantine practice. So I ask “Why aren’t the citizens allowed to choose how we quarantine”. Coronavirus and Covid-19 hasn’t only affected individuals and families, it’s destroyed businesses unnecessarily and many of those businesses were reported by people who don’t even share residents in the county’s of those existing establishments. How many of those businesses belonged to Mezo and Native Americans of New Mexico and how did it affect the communities they live in? I’m unsure what has reeked havoc on our state more Coronavirus or Quarantine. Families are at dire straits emotionally and financially and our homeless population is increasing. It’s almost winter and where will these people go to eat and stay warm. Do our counties even have enough money to help the homeless much less their own citizens who’s means to provide for themselves has been trampled on over and over again by supposedly protective orders from our governor Michelle Lujan Grisham. Churches haven’t been able to organize or reach out to there communities at their fullest capacity within reasonable and fair health practice. How will they offer guidance to those who are feeling they’ve reached the end of their existence since Quarantine feels like punishment for exactly that “existing”. Many places I have gone in my county have all been prepared at the door with masks, sanitizing options and even thermometers. It is unfair to control humans and as our leader to not control yourself. It is also unfair to not let an entire population choose how they Quarantine, operate their businesses, attend school, address matters in court, how consumers can shop as long as all sales and purchases are ethical and legal. Bringing me to 2 things. #1 When a business owner does diligent process for opening their business with proper codes and licensing, nowhere in any documents does it say that a Business can be coerced by it’s government due to onset of any plague. #2 The literal and illegal sale of human beings is at an all time high. The real sickness is crime affecting Children and Women of dominantly Native or Mezo American decent. It’s time to end repeat offenders and end fascist Quarantine starting with none other than Honorable Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham.

The abuse of power over State Police and National Guard acquiring them special privilege's over citizens without creating the law through due process which requires a certain amount of votes and documentation presented publicly makes enforcing these mandates a criminal act directly against citizens and immigrants of New Mexico. Instead restrictions were ushered in over night out of fear mongering control like the Patriot Act. What is Quarantine but an act of terrorism against free citizens. Abusing the people, their livelihoods and patients medical rights to choose procedure and accept medications is the other crime that is also driving poor health during the strenuous time that is Quarantine. Using National Guard to abuse HIPPA laws towards mass amounts of citizens and immigrants by invading their privacy in order to press more lock downs that have proven not to work. Enforcing testing of those who’ve not been contaminated or shown symptoms of any illness is blatant abuse of power as well as abusing a patients opportunity to have informed consent. Consent by a person to undergo a medical procedure, participate in a clinical trial, or be counseled by a professional such as a social worker or lawyer, after receiving all material information regarding risks, benefits, and alternatives. Only licensed physicians are allowed to give recommendations for treatment of patients NOT GOVERNORS. Even doctors are not allowed to force unwanted treatment on a patient whether or not they need treatment. The patient is in sole control of their own health decisions.

  • consent by a patient to undergo a medical or surgical treatment or to participate in an experiment after the patient understands the risks involved
  • Assent to permit an occurrence, such as surgery, that is based on a complete disclosure of facts needed to make the decision intelligently, such as knowledge of the risks entailed or alternatives.
  • The name for a fundamental principle of law that a physician has a duty to reveal what a reasonably prudent physician in the medical community employing reasonable care would reveal to a patient as to whatever reasonably foreseeable risks of harm might result from a proposed course of treatment. This disclosure must be afforded so that a patient — exercising ordinary care for his or her own welfare and confronted with a choice of undergoing the proposed treatment, alternative treatment, or none at all — can intelligently exercise judgment by reasonably Balancing the probable risks against the probable benefits.
  • Hippa Privacy Rule- Covered entities may disclose protected health information to law enforcement officials for law enforcement purposes as required by law (including court orders, court-ordered warrants, subpoenas) and administrative requests; or to identify or locate a suspect, a fugitive, a material witness, or a missing person.[23]
  • agreement to do something or to allow something to happen only after all the relevant facts are known. In contracts, an agreement may be reached only if there has been full disclosure by both parties of everything each party knows which is significant to the agreement. A patient’s consent to a medical procedure must be based on his/her having been told all the possible consequences, except in emergency cases when such consent cannot be obtained. A physician or dentist who does not tell all the possible bad news as well as the good, operates at his/her peril of a lawsuit if anything goes wrong. In criminal law, a person accused or even suspected of a crime cannot give up his/her legal rights such as remaining silent or having an attorney, unless he/she has been fully informed of his/her rights.

Citizens of New Mexico were given the many risks and possible outcomes of Covid-19 and were given information about the affects of Quarantine however regardless of whether or not every citizen agreed to the “Treatment” of Quarantine many of us were never given the opportunity to refuse that treatment; instead that freedom was taken from us as if medical rights are simply a privilege. Even drunk drivers in our state get multiple opportunities before they finally make it prison; so why aren’t law abiding citizens allowed to choose how they quarantine?

Wasting testing resources on unnecessary screenings makes a person wonder if we may actually need to test the covid-19 test itself for coronavirus since the numbers of people being tested are significantly higher than that of those with the illness itself. I find it interesting just before we see numbers climbing we also see a huge rise in people being tested yet it only seems they’re sick after they’ve been tested. Much like what is happening right now, Michelle Lujan is “offering incentives” for communities and businesses who are willing to do more unnecessary testing and in return they’ll get to operate and open. As if we are dogs begging for snacks we have to bend to her will just so we can live our lives as if those rights were written away overnight. I wonder how many numbers of cases she needs to pursue whatever nefarious purpose her lockdowns serve? Especially after John Hopkins recently stated that death rates are really no different than last years. In fact if you look at the death rates of 2018 and 2019 you’ll find less people have died in 2020 so we may have in fact missed a flu pandemic but we didn’t shut down for it. So if things are roughly the same as last year if not better then it most certainly wouldn’t JUSTIFY MORE TESTING JUST SO PEOPLE CAN BE ALLOWED TO OPERATE AS BUSINESS OWNERS, EMPLOYEES, STUDENTS, TEACHERS, ESSENTIAL AND UNESSENTIAL SUPPLY STORES, VETERANARIAN OFFICES, ETC…. By enforcing MORE unnecessary testing also restricts the ability for people who already have illness or disease from being able to treat it so they can stay well the way they deserve during a pandemic. You intentionally create barriers for unhealthy people and SET THEM UP FOR FAILURE. We are a rural state and every physicians office availability may mean life or death for some citizens. We Innocent and Lawful citizens are treated like slaves just so our “Honorable Governor” can get the oh so precious numbers of coronavirus cases she needs in order to continue to abuse us the same way a Narcissistic Sociopath controls their victims. Michelle Lujan Grisham called for a day of recognizing victims who’ve died from coronavirus but what about those who died from quarantine isolation. What about kids like Landon Fuller of Hobbs, NM. After 1 month in Quarantine Lockdown Landon couldn’t wrestle with loneliness and depression any longer. These emotions are so much more intense for children and they struggle to speak about how they feel. The type of pain forced isolation causes is so strong that not only children like Landon are falling victim to the grips of slavery but so are our elderly. We love you 3000 Landon, you and people like you who’ve lost the battle against tyranny will not be forgotten.

In National News President Donald Trump’s press secretary released information that our entire Nation is in fact at it’s lowest rates of coronavirus the United States has seen all year and would most definitely not justify yet another Lock Down. New Mexico’s reservations should have been used to help preserve and foster these remaining shamanic history keepers but instead it’s become a cage with a highway running through it. Mezo and Native American’s struggle with heart disease, cancer, diabetes and even chronic pain. A study recently showed how chronic pain patients all had 2 things in common, their tax brackets and overall deaths. This article described how American’s are dying from despair. Through classist financial abuse of citizens and the significant affects it has on not just an individuals health but an entire populations health.

How severely has continuous classist control over the underprivileged on New Mexican soil kept the health of Mezo and Native American Citizens lower than its other citizens. The medical representation for the citizens of this state is unequal to say the least and it’s not uncommon for immigrants to receive the brunt of callous standardized practice especially expectant mothers who are more likely to become a death statistic in American delivery rooms. There are no band-aids for classist or narcissistic abuse. This continued abuse of our medical and everyday freedoms has only damaged our immunity further and left us all vulnerable to contamination from any pandemic even the planned ones. The question is, how are the people being infected by Coronavirus itself when there are multiple ways it could happen. These demographics are hit wave after crushing wave of Human Trafficking Crimes aka Slavery. Worse than the waves of the Flu, Strep Throat, Chicken Pox and even Coronavirus. They might have a greater chance of surviving such illnesses if they also weren’t plagued with actual slavery and barrages of sexual abuse. Maybe the real pandemic is Child Sex Addiction, Narcissistic Leadership, Drug crimes, Repeat Offenders and Slavery. Though numbers of actual cases is far smaller than the number of reports of sexual abuse should tell you as a state and a nation that we aren’t addressing these issues the way they deserve and we are lacking the eyes to see human trafficking when it’s staring us in the face. If these were all things we were working to reduce the numbers of we would be able to truly manage any pandemic and could guarantee an increase in healthier Native and Mezo American citizens.

When 1 person has enough power to enforce destructive lockdowns on an entire population of people they should also heavily carry the burden and consequences of such actions when they cause significant harm. The type of consequences only true and unbiased justice can bring, the type of justice the people can bring to themselves when they choose not to be governed by tyrants. When you force individuals into prison like lockdowns and quarantines you leave them to become more concentrated in common areas like grocery stores, pharmacies and hospitals. By creating rigid and unjust business practices, procedures and policies upon private and small business owners you also keep citizens concentrated to corporate stores much like the Walmart in Hobbs NM the a few days after the 2nd lockdown when there were less than 5 exposures to coronavirus and then spread to Albertsons causing stores to close in an area that serves nearly 250,000 people daily, or before quarantine used to be open to providing business and supplies to those living in rural towns nearby and those who commute through Lea County.

The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo was created to protect those who’d been living in what at the time was Mexico but is now New Mexico, Arizona, California, Nevada, Utah and Colorado. The treaty required US government to allow citizenship and protect the newly displaced citizens of Mexico and allow them to participate in the American Dream. Or is it just that, merely a dream, an intangible delusion we tell ourselves at night so we go to sleep believing we’re free under classist control.

Ions of classism has taught us over and over that it always fails. Classism and Slavery are only designed to bring financial control to a select few, an elite few. Looking back during Persian, Roman and Egyptian times of great expansion and totalitarian leadership you will also see they were greatly plagued with disease and eventually famine. Slavery or should I say Human Trafficking of the past never ceased and neither did it’s growing population of victims and neither did their ability to become ill and diseased due to inability to freely live instead of just survive as slaves. The people who fled classism of the past were battered and starved not just for their Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs but starved for their freedom. When you cage people they will eventually try to flee yet we still use this broken method of control over human beings as if we mean nothing, as if we are nothing. Quarantine much like slavery keeps the economy struggling to turn it’s engine over and stay running. It’s difficult for honest hard working LAW ABIDING citizens to compete with crime syndicates whos dirty businesses never shut down no matter what restrictions are put in place. Dirty businesses that are open 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Crime never sleeps, it never stops and it never obeys any laws. We are fighting double the spread of crime through those who will never participate in quarantine regulations as well as their many repeat offenses, whether their crime is pushing drugs or people they’re also pushing viruses, violence and poor health across our communities. Regardless if every single person is directly affected by a crime committed, the crime itself spreads like a virus towards many more people who are affected both directly and indirectly. Our bodies working like the amazing brain sponges they are, constantly take note of what’s going on around them and internalize it. When you look at a city and you monitor its crime rates something else you could use in a side by side comparison is that of the citizens health. You may also find the students and education system are also affected by local crime rates.

Quarantine hasn’t just destroyed our states economy and trampled upon our sovereign rights it has also destroyed our states education. Shutting down schools and the programs and services they provide has led to an increase in child suicide rates as young as 5 years old. This has left these innocent and poorly represented children vulnerable to increased suicide due to isolation. Higher risk of violence, sex related viruses, unwanted pregnancies and death because school may have been their only escape from dangerous family members. The rate of familial pedophilia and human trafficking will also increase because these children aren’t in school. What of the rise of children with malnutrition because going to school may be the only way they get fed on a daily basis. What if the teachers keeping watch of these kids aren’t able to notice the signs of abuse simply because you can’t detect abuse through a screen. Native and Mezo American citizens in the past and today are still some of the most vulnerable populations to these crimes and many of the victims are children.

Quarantine and the crimes that are not being addressed in New Mexico as well as the other states who share protections of the Treaty are leaving us vulnerable to the diseases and violence of those who pursue slaves for pleasure, work or profit. If our leaders are willing to address human trafficking, domestic violence, sex related crimes and repeat offenders will see that they can affectively manage any pandemic whether planned or through natural cause and disaster. In the end it’s far more respectable and humane to allow citizens to rule their own lives freely and within the laws that are supposed to protect us not chain us. Allowing citizens to practice their rights of choosing their own medical care and own health practice is not only dignified but god like when you allow others to live and let live.

Medical freedoms are granted from birth to the citizens of the United States and that includes anyone of Native and Mezo American decent living on US territory. Only medical professionals are allowed to discuss and create treatment OPTIONS for patients. Michelle Lujan Grisham is none of those things and its unacceptable she used her own families physician to create a medical regimen for citizens he doesn’t treat and he didn’t give informed consent to not to mention he used standardized practice on a state with a variety of individual patients he has and may never see in his doctors office. No citizen of our state protected or unprotected by the treaty was given the option to turn down the treatment requirement that is Quarantine. The not so Honorable Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham needs to remember her place as employee to the citizens she should be serving, not controlling. If she were a medical professional she would know that patients are never required to do anything their doctor says including her personal doctor which automatically makes me worry about the condition of his consenting patients the fact that he would openly and wrongfully prescribe treatment to patients who’ve never signed any medical document from his offices allowing him to treat all citizens or immigrants of the State of New Mexico.



Donna Woodruff

Just a mom who decided to do something about our governments mess, I guess women have to clean up everything……….oh well better late than never.