Donna Woodruff
8 min readJan 21, 2021

To all patriots against communism, fraudulent elections and deep state corruption, this is our time. Our President did everything he could up to the last second and has even done what he can to take measures hours after Biden took office illegally. Joe Biden is not our president, not by a long shot. If you need eyes on those who are most corrupt inside our nations deep state issues all you have to do is watch Biden’s staged inauguration to see who the real enemies are. I am here to tell you WWIII has already begun and it’s not just in D.C. but our cities, waiting outside the borders of Mexico and Canada as well as sitting in the Pacific ocean ready to come and claim us. Yes US, all United States Citizens. The time we all knew would come is already here, it’s been here for a while but we were blind to see it but the fog is lifting and we’re seeing the truth everywhere now. We reacehed the top of the rollercoaster and are now taking a deep hard plunge into the unknown where our founding fathers began. I want to ask you above everything that has happened will you stand and fight for your own freedom? Are you willing to do the hard work of helping rebuild our country? Are you willing to live and let live in order to sustain freedom for all who share this land as our home? Are you a citizen who is willing to take on Deep State Corruption no matter how great the size of this enemy?……….I am……… Though I am walking through this blindly I want to have courage, though it’s hard, you’re not alone in your anger and fear, and as badly as I want to make those who are corrupt pay I know that the action I choose out of raw emotion will not be the right choice. WE ARE CAPABLE and we have everything we need to take this nation back and repair our country’s infrastructure. Here is my best advice for action at this time. Do not organize in violent acts, we need all citizens to stay out of jail. Write or call Lin Wood, Sidney Powell and General Flynn, these people are motivated to help us and it will motivate them further if we let them know we stand with them and the pursuit of a free United States of America. I specifically wrote to them asking what are the best steps to take legal action against the communistic insurrection we’re facing. If you must pray then do so but remember action is also God like and it is action that the Left are afraid of. I want desperately to beat the Leftist Occult at their own game and if they want a new world order then I say lets give it to them. How about a new world order where they don’t get to participate. What we’re dealing with is Narcissistic Sociopathic and Psycopathic abuse. This is the trauma bond the Left has been using on us for thousands of years. Yes Nazi’s are literally as old as methuselah and they’re back……again. It is the Nazi’s who are using China’s CCP as their own military puppets so they don’t have to get their hands dirty like they did in the 40’s. An idea I have to help secure freedom on our end is to give life to “Militia Church” and to place a clause that our weapons are our religion and our bible is the United States Constitution. If the cult wants to play hard ball with our freedom of religion we have to rise to the occasion and strategize. Anyone can create a church or religion in this nation and Congress shall make no laws about how we practice and that is how the Left has been getting away with the types of abuse and religious oppression they use. These types of oppression can be seen in a book recently released called the “Codex Gigas” also known as the book of the Devil. It is a book of instructions of how to trauma bond entire populations of people using a classist system that creates chaos and it uses flying monkey’s such as Xenophobia, legal and financial inequality among us to keep us fighting with each other and losing focus on who the real enemy is. If you take our current tax brackets and compare them to the stacked kingdoms, or realms you’ll see they are similar. Tax brackets and controlling a persons income based on their level of class in a society is the oldest trick in the book and the favorite of the old Monarchs that are still utilized today. These are the same exact types of abuse you will see in a domestic violence situation and there is also a table you can see called Communistic Coercion. What’s happening with our media and political system is exactly what North Korea is doing to it’s own people. Soon enough they’ll be saying how God like Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are and they never poop and sadly some people will believe it. Gaslighting and word salad are also another favorite of a Narcissistic Elite who are disgraced by us peasants who mock their agenda’s with our talk of freedom. When you call out a Narcissist by refusing to accept illegitimate elections and challenge them with actual law they have to puff up their chest and defend their delinquent and nefarious egos with more lies and failed impeachments. We’re in a fight for our lives, against a world wide plague of Narcissist leadership that knows we have found them out and they will sink their teeth in even harder before they give up on controlling us. The American Revolution never ended, it’s still here waiting for a final blow that will declare a winner. What will you do to defend not just your freedom but your families, friends, neighbors and fellow Americans? I am desperately waiting for declassification that may never come and I’m here to tell you declas or not delcas we’re on our own and it’s important we be willing to go through the fire not just for ourselves but each other. Slavery is indiscriminate, it doesn’t matter what color you are for where there is Classism there is slavery. To classists it’s all about money and if you don’t have the money to pay them what they believe they’re owed by allowing you to exist, you and your family will pay the price in blood. We don’t need a real or fake alien invasion to stand together, classism has done enough destruction for thousands of years and it’s back thriving and ready to remove us from existence once again. TO ALL PATRIOTS WILL YOU STAND AGAINST A CORRUPT SYSTEM? I THINK THE ANSWER IS YES AND EVEN IF WE DO SO BLINDLY THROUGH THE STORM WE WILL COME OUT OF THE SMOKE ON THE OTHER SIDE AND WE WILL FACE GOLIATH HEAD ON! NEVER GIVE UP! NEVER SURRENDER! There is estimated 3 million CCP soldiers waiting to take us out, but they forgot there are over 75 million of us who will not stand for communism and are willing to die for it. Stand your ground, and make yourself ungovernable to communist regimes and their puppets.


BY AMERICAN ONLY (many brands like Nike still participate in goods made by slaves, as well as Target, Amazon, Wayfair, Walmart and even some favorite chains like Sam’s Club and Costco) Do your research and buy local, buy American. This will be a challenge but do your best to be watchful of the location your purchases are coming from.

Stay off their Social Platforms Tik Tok, SnapChat, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Google, Gmail, Twitter, Google Play Store.

Stay away from Mainstream Media, CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, ABC……..I have found greater luck and,,, NewMax, Federalist Papers, The Federalist, Info Wars, occasionally Sky News Australia though they’re still financially controlled by CCP. The Truth is out there (literally and figuratively) it’s not always easy to believe but it’s there.

SMALLER BANKS, If you bank with Bank of America, Washington Mutual, Wells Fargo, Chase, Morgan Stanley and other big central banks, simply move your money as soon as you can to any smaller local bank, give them a chance they’ve gone online as well. OPEN A SAVINGS ACCOUNT AND KEEP ALL YOUR COINS.


NON PROFITS COULD BE OUR ROBIN HOOD MOMENT, What I mean is for example…Governor Grisham has single handedly destroyed NM small businesses, I have an idea if a Non profit started in order to raise money for small business owners who were unfairly shut down and fined the Non profit would raise money to pay it for them. Also help a business who permanently closed due to the plandemic, the Non profit would raise money to pay for it. Therefore we can keep more money in our counties and out of the Governors filthy Prince John hands and give the money directly back to the community. Do you have an idea for a non profit, might want to write a plan and write a grant letter stat, the Dems are about to put us on socialist paychecks and you can use your tax dollars given back to you to keep money directly out of China and the Biden administrations hands by buying, banking and fundraising American.

Educate your children on the Truth, and what’s really going on in the world right now. Help them have eyes to see when they’re being gaslighted so they will know the difference between the truth and an attractive smoke screen.

TIME TO START A GARDEN, NO WORRIES IF YOU HAVE NO EXPERIENCE. I have slowly had less crop by planting in the ground so i’m doing pots this year instead. Compost is your friend and easy to make. Start sewing seeds asap and if you have room do your seed starting in your house or apartment. Plant what you know you will eat and multiples of it, canning and freezing are your friend. There are tons of great survival info on



TAKE YOUR VITAMINS, an easy way to cheat with a good multi vitamin in my opinion and experience is a good quality pre natal (its just a multi vitamin don’t freak out). It’s also safe to add vitamin C, Zinc, Vitamin D, Magnesium, B-12 if not a multi B vitamin. Now is the best time to start reducing sugar, alcohol, tobacco and any other addicting substances from your diet or daily routine. (I know this is hard, I ate my feelings yesterday, I’m human).

GET TO THE GUN RANGE IF YOU CAN AFFORD TO, and yes my heart fell into my stomach when I saw the cost of 9mm ammo, this is just the beginning. We have multiple guns ready to go just in case, make sure kiddo’s can’t get to them.




Donna Woodruff

Just a mom who decided to do something about our governments mess, I guess women have to clean up everything……….oh well better late than never.