Biden & Grisham, Zorro Ranch & The Loose Ends

Donna Woodruff
18 min readAug 20, 2020


Written By: Donna Woodruff


“The farther back you can look, the farther forward you are likely to see.”

~Winston Churchill~

New Mexico for decades has been known for many things. Our sunsets are unmatched, there is no green chile who holds a candle to Hatch green chile and only the best comes from Hatch, NM. Our people are Unique and Mysterious, if you take the time to drive in any direction of our state you will see ever changing terrain and you will feel the spirit who lives there. We carry a certain pride that doesn’t allow anyone to talk badly about our state but us. We also carry a very dark past, a past if we don’t change, we’re doomed to fail hundreds of thousands of United States children and adults who will remain enslaved every year in what is supposed to be the freest country in the world. Human Trafficking is a Global Pandemic, words that get tossed around but have not really meant much till now. Is there a connection to Grisham and Biden’s political partnership, Zorro Ranch and the late Jeffrey Epstein? Is it worth looking into and do the seemingly protective yet authoritarian orders of Quarantine have anything to do with the lease transfer of Zorro Ranch and Grisham’s interests in becoming Vice President? Does our states notorious reputation for human trafficking and its tremendous increase since 2014 have anything to do with corruption in Santa Fe? Are New Mexico’s I-25 and 1–40 the new Trail of Tears for millions of unseen trafficked victims over the last few decades?

Are we ready to face our skeletons?

We can go back to the 80’s you will also notice that Bruce King and Gary King both have affiliations to Zorro Ranch and Jeffrey Epstein and even former governor Bill Richardson was accused of sexually assaulting a woman there. Susana Martinez was required to donate $120,000 of suspicious currency she had received during her governorship. Epstein donated $50,000 to Richardson’s 2002 and 2006 gubernatorial campaigns. Bill Richardson embarrassingly donated the money to charity when it was discovered who the donor was and allegations against Epstein were circulating. I cannot help but wonder, how many past governors enabled human trafficking simply so they could seek higher positions in our federal government, make money, or were they coerced by manipulators who have incriminating evidence? Though New Mexico does have an unsettling number of children and women disappearing, the rate of victims being trafficked through our state are mostly from Mexico and South America. In March 2019 Felix Santana came out to say “Mexico was finally recognizing the disproportion of actual human trafficking numbers and are working to promise the end of human trafficking”. What happens when people still want to commit these crimes, will they just exploit elsewhere?

How strong is the urge of a predator?

If we go back in time, we can see links to sex trafficking in New Mexico before Zorro Ranch was built, but since Epstein occupied it we noticed a major surge of human trafficking that we can’t explain nor seem to slow down. Is Epstein solely the reason for this increase or did he have powerful enablers? Does this make New Mexico’s greatest resource our indigenous people, our abused and neglected minors or women who are down on their luck? Are Reservations where these remnants of Natives live just a form of concentration camp? Or is it simply our Highway systems that act as the mouth of the Nile opening into the Delta that is the Midwest. Will the pressure of human trafficking erode the rest of our citizens? I asked earlier if our 1–25 and 1–40 were the new Trail of Tears but now I wonder is the new trail all the way up to Washington D.C. in Maryland?

New Mexico has the ninth-highest human trafficking rate in the U.S. of 3.34 cases per 100,000 people. There were 31 reported human trafficking cases in 2019 in New Mexico. Most human trafficking cases are sex trafficking, with most of the victims being female (%70). New Mexico is a prime location for human trafficking because the interstate exchange of I-25 and I-40 called the Big I. New Mexico is also attractive to traffickers because of its high rates of poverty and domestic violence.

Washington D.C. has the highest human trafficking rate in the United States of 11.66 victims per 100,000 people. In 2019, there were 34 human trafficking cases reported in D.C., 18 of which were sex trafficking, 7 of which were labor trafficking, 7 were unspecified and 3 were sex and labor trafficking.

Michigan has the sixth-highest human trafficking rate of 3.81 victims per 100,000 people. Michigan has the seventh-highest number of sex trafficking cases reported in 2019 of 172. Of the 172 cases, 131 of them were sex trafficking, 16 were unspecified, 15 were labor trafficking, and 10 were sex and labor. The top industries for labor trafficking in Michigan were restaurants and foodservice and traveling sales crew and the top industries for sex trafficking were residence-based commercial sex and hotel- and motel-based.

Human Trafficking Statistics By State 2020

Does Human Trafficking happen to be the reason for the recent surge of Coronavirus throughout the United States? What of other Countries who were once terrible epicenters, did they address human trafficking and not realize it? Australia and New Zealand decriminalized prostitution and therefore reduced the number of human trafficking and have also managed to eliminate most issues with Covid-19, is this a coincidence or have they managed to do a successful quarantine because there weren’t trafficked victims passing through under the radar? However, the forced incarceration rate or should I say “quarantine” in New Zealand particularly seem to resemble that of a communistic concentration camp. The unfortunate population who fell ill with coronavirus were forced out of their homes and into Hotels as their punishment for getting sick. There are many reports of people seen fleeing these hotels and have had to escape out the windows because they believe they’ve been kidnapped. If the organ harvesting trade is part of human trafficking are people who have “tested positive” for coronavirus being abused by the underground medical trade during this pandemic? Or the believed padding of coronavirus files are these people being told they’re sick because they’re more vulnerable economically?

How are countries like New Zealand vulnerable to this kind of government abuse on a global scale? Can we even compare small countries like Australia and New Zealand to the USA?

Did those or do those current epicenters have terrible rates of human trafficking and should we start measuring crime side by side of the spread of the virus so we can track and measure it? Even if most or all citizens follow the restrictions regardless of how unreasonably strict; for a state who still has the lowest rates of Covid-19 does not mean criminals are obeying those orders. People who are being trafficked and those who are trafficking them do not typically have the best health especially when living in those conditions. Many victims are left hungry and ill and are subject to being disposed of if they become badly injured beyond back alley repair. Is this the reason for Northern New Mexico’s issues with the surge of Covid-19 instead of other cities that belong to Southern Counties? However on August 13th we see that south eastern counties and north western counties are struggling the most with coronavirus now, but are those red areas hot spots for human trafficking and pedophilia? Is human trafficking therefore responsible for the many exposed to Coronavirus? And if so, and we in fact find legitimate links to Grisham, Epstein, The Biden’s, Zorro Ranch and increased human trafficking, would this be a new form of biological warfare? There is more speculation that China is still withholding data about the virus. Vietnam managed to avoid deaths completely because they jumped at the first chance to invest in a patients health. A British Pilot Stephen Cameron was the first case of Coronavirus in Vietnam and doctors didn’t wait to find out what the World Health Organization had to say. They jumped at the opportunity to help a sick man and maybe in turn help the world get through this virus by sharing what they learned. It took a while and his conditioned worsened but he did recover. Vietnam is one of a few countries that had little to no cases and or NO DEATHS from coronavirus. Vietnam also halted all travel to and from China, in particular Wu-han. Could this be the first strike of the Government Vs. The People in an upcoming civil war? Is this a form of genocide and where does racism fit in? If we are not willing to address racism will we ever be able to fully dismantle the many rings of human trafficking? Having a child, I struggle with being so informed of this it makes me physically cringe wondering how anyone can sexually assault anyone, much less a child; and how some people can literally capture these people and force them into sex slavery or indentured servitude or death. We know Coronavirus epicenter #1 was Wuhan China, and we believe bats to be the case which is completely understandable since they in fact are carries of this virus however, China also has over 236 million people who are affected by Human Trafficking for cheap labor, sex labor, forced and child marriages, “emigration” for work which is now modern slavery and even cannibalism and organ harvesting. People arrive in China for the same reasons they arrive in the USA, for promise of work and a future. Is the real reason for the virus spreading from Wuhan across the globe at a rapid rate due to Human Trafficking and is quarantine a global cover up for the exposure of the World’s Largest Slavery Ring? What does any of it have to do with Epstein and Zorro Ranch? Why would a rich man like Epstein settle in a place like New Mexico when he can afford to live anywhere in the world and owns an Island? Could there be multiple owners of the estate OR could it even be used as a time share between wealthy cronies. New Mexico is what they call The Big “I” for traffickers. Our state seems to be the largest vessel for Human Trafficking in our Nation next to Arizona and California. Epstein’s death and the exposure of his many connections to the worlds rich and powerful has put eyes on The Land of Enchantment or as the locals call it The Land of Entrapment. Is New Mexico the great Arc for trafficking from China, North Korea, Thailand, Taiwan, Vietnam, South America, Middle East, Mexico, Europe and Russia as those victims move through the US on up to Canada and back out. Is our state The Big Eye for the actual population of those trapped in slavery? Do ALL those people make it through New Mexico and is Zorro Ranch basically a weighing station for the new or dying cattle recycled by the Succubus’s of hate. Was Epstein a record keeper for all those coming through New Mexico for human trafficking? After all he was an investor, who says his accounting skills must only be used for money, was he an investor of actual people???

How deep did Epstein’s connection to our nation’s politicians go, and how many of them are pedophiles or possibly slave owners of this century. Could we dig up family history of these people who are buying these victims and what happens to them when the master does not need them anymore? Are the Highways of our countries littered with the remains of victims, should we start a worldwide excavation? How do we begin to pick apart the madness that is human trafficking? How can our local law enforcement in New Mexico and states who also struggle to manage these crimes make a difference? If you know how to stop human trafficking then step on it, set up blockades, check motorists for misplaced people and if controlling roadways, highways, interstates and freeways are the answer can we adjust the speed limits and would that be affective. Could we also target out of country or even out of state license plates without it becoming profiling? What about signage and billboards throughout rural highway areas as well as heavy grid lock traffic areas of the country? Do we actually need to add more law enforcement to every department around the country and could D.O.T.’s actually be a big benefit in the exposure of human slavery and finally bringing it to an end? If someone has come into contact with you that you believe is being trafficked, get them help immediately and you can do 2 things. Test them for Coronavirus and test their DNA on a simple 23 and Me or any DNA test that will let you trace your biological traits and human roots and offer them medical care and counseling. DNA never lies. Does Epstein have his own children trapped in human trafficking, I mean why not Thomas Jefferson did?

“Do other people of power have children who were born into human trafficking”?

Do those people know who their families are and could DNA testing be a fast track to getting these people placed back in their homes or at least find family they can trust to keep them safe and have a place to heal. When our Law Enforcement is exposed to these people could they be at risk for spreading coronavirus on accident? Possibly but we still need you.

To: The New Mexico State Police, will you do your job to serve and protect? Have you been told to enforce how businesses can participate in quarantine? Do you realize you are our greatest ally since you as State Police are to guard our Highways. “That’s where the real criminals are and they’re getting away as I type, as you read this”? If we cannot trust Grisham to end human trafficking, then that makes you next in line to carry out Justice and deliver the truth to the people. I implore you to see, to open your eyes to the corruption of our State and how you along with other local law enforcement have more power than you know. You can single handedly stop human trafficking, we as citizens can volunteer to aid in relief efforts for these people and we can contain the virus and possibly even get a full count of the actual population of those in Slavery. You, the State Police, Sherriff’s, City Police, down to the smallest dusty town of New Mexico can be the force that seizes the gears of Narcissistic-Sociopathic Cruelty.

Can the Citizens of New Mexico alone topple an entire vector of human trafficking the way an artery collapses and stops a heart? Is the entire fate of the world and the innocent victims of human trafficking depending on our States ability to see how important our piece to this puzzle is? With the rate of alarmingly firm orders from the governor is causing a collapse on small businesses and keeping us busy, not paying attention to what may really be going on. There has been rumor Governor Grisham is hosting a party for Joe Biden our Presidential Candidate that costs $5,000 a plate, but where is this shindig? If it’s true will it be held in Santa Fe or will it be held at Zorro Ranch? Zorro Ranches Lease was recently seized by NM state officials, would this be a bargaining chip to seal her vice presidency? Is this party happening, has it happened, and will there be victims of human trafficking there? KOB4 news was answered by Grisham’s spokesperson saying there was no in-person dinner, just a virtual meeting. Why advertise a potential “pizza party” on the news?

“Is there a correlation between Joe Biden’s brothers Island, Securing Grisham as Vice President, obtaining incriminating evidence from Zorro Ranch and keeping the cycle of Communistic slavery “Filthy Rich” and safe from the inevitable fallout it would face if the truth was exposed”?

“Who is running it anyway if not Epstein and Maxwell”?

If New Mexico crushes the vein that feeds our nations supply for Narcissistic-Sociopathic, power-hungry greed and insatiable need to abuse a child prisoners, then we can survive our punishment of shame for turning the other cheek for so long. Does Law Enforcement recognize Fascism and Authoritarianism, would they unite against a corrupt government, if so we’ll have everything we need to save ourselves from violent turmoil. Though I can’t help but wonder if our version of the French Revolution is coming. Michelle Grisham could be a figurative or possibly literal modern-day Marie-Antoinette? Why does she in particular need to have state officials seize The Zorro Ranch Property, why isn’t it in the direct hands of the FBI? Biden has interest in 2 state governors of states with horrendous track records of human trafficking and what is the connection with Michigan’s current governor?

Classism is an idea that there are people who are less than based on income so the idea is to categorize us. why stop there when you can also subcategorize by race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age, education, etc……when you live by a classists system segregation efforts thrive.

Have you noticed in San Angelo, TX if you watch the local news every day, they will report the number of new cases of Covid-19. They will report the deaths, those recovered and those who have tested positive. Another thing they also report is the persons picture and name and I notice many are Mexican decent or Black. Now before you go attacking people for being sick and colorful, you need to stop and think about the majority of those who are trafficked, it is Asian, Indian, Hispanic, Mexican, Black, African/Saudi Arabian/Middle Eastern and Romanian/Eastern European. What many of those ethnicities and nationalities have in common are countries ruined by wars, domestic violence, abandoned and misplaced children, poverty stricken, communist or fascist dictatorships. These people are the worlds misplaced people over centuries of never-ending fighting, racism, classism, slavery and sexual assault, and new people are born in it every day. Yes born in it, that means infants are being groomed sexually for the slave jobs they will have for the rest of their lives. Some children are being born solely for the trade of organ harvesting. Slavery never ended, just how slaves escaped underground and were later “set free” human trafficking quickly went underground and stayed there out of sight and kept us busy with other things.

Immigrants are the pawns in elitist games who have no compassion for any life much less human life because why be human when you can be them. The Elitists we always make the mistake of voting for because they are charismatic and attractive, or they speak well or seem more worldly than past presidential candidates. Trump does but doesn’t fit the mold of a classist simply because he doesn’t care what they think, he doesn’t really care what anyone thinks, he also isn’t afraid to be forward with his agenda. He is easy to hate because he is sexist, inconsiderate and ineloquent publicly, it’s even easier for the media to paint him so. How easily are our Systems of Power manipulated and coerced due to their own enticement towards a delicacy that the rich and powerful seem to share. Why is flesh the ultimate reward for acquiring such power? Jeffrey Epstein did not need money to get his way, he just happened to have the Narcissistic Pedophilic Rage to easily do what he did. You can ask any Psychologist or Psychiatrist that specializes in Narcissistic Personality Disorders or Victims of Stockholm Syndrome and Narcissistic rage will tell you how easily people are manipulated and how dashing the manipulator can be.

Have you ever walked away from a conversation with someone you didn’t really like and by the end of it you walk away thinking for a moment he’s not so bad, and then you stop and are like “What just happened”? Narcissists are extremely good at acting but eventually you play the part too long and it becomes real and you believe you are the most powerful.

How was Epstein raised, what was his family life like? Was he also a victim of Narcissism? Or was Jeffrey Epstein just a middle-class dude that just had the right powers of persuasion. You do not have to be ivy league to avoid or see manipulation you just have to choose to place BIG STRONG BOUNDARIES, this is our problem with our nation is WE HAVE NO BOUNDARIES. People who are victims of this type of blatant and horrific violent narcissism become entranced with the behavior of the abuser. The victims turn to pills and drugs to numb the pain of being trafficked day in and out of slavery while others are drugged so they are more easily taken advantage of. Wake up slavery, lunch time, there is not lunch time, slavery, go to bed, slavery. We as Americans are some of the hardest working people on the planet with the long hours and less pay and less coverage than other countries not struggling as bad, but it doesn’t mean we need socialism to fix our governments corruption issues. The only thing that will fix the corruption of preying on vulnerable humans around the world and help us to contain Coronavirus is to finally end Human trafficking for good. The only way to do that my Fellow New Mexicans is we have to grab our equalizers, we have to put on our spurs and ride our horses to the Capital in Santa Fe, we have to demand the truth and have it HELD ACCOUNTABLE.

If you want to know why teachers got a raise but got bombarded with more students and more hours, ask Michelle Lujan Grisham. If you want to know why we still have so many repeat offenders, ask Michelle Lujan Grisham. If you want to know where the misplaced people of New Mexico have gone, ask none other than Michelle Lujan Grisham. Not to mention the former governors who sat on the unguarded Throne of Santa Fe to get rich or get a higher position. Are you not curious about the large raises she gave her staff? I believe it was the same day they enforced heavier restrictions or at least the same week? Did they see something they were not supposed to see? Was that significant raise hush money so Grisham can keep the flow of narcissistic supply moving while we have been forced into our homes and forced to fight over toilet paper and steaks. Why did a few of her Administrative staff receive such a large sum for their raise, ($22,000 salary increase) or was this blood money she’d received and needed to quickly get off her books? If our country is on hold then where is the supply coming from?

The rise of Domestic Violence, Alcoholism, Prescription Drug Child abuse, Sexual abuse and other Narcotics abuse. Quarantine is bleeding us of our vulnerable women and children forced to leave their dangerous situations and may have nowhere to go and may end up in women’s shelters. Don’t’ forget about the men who may lose their living situation if they can’t pay their bills due to quarantine and how many of them are white, minorities or immigrants, what kind of statistics will we capture about our population during this particular “plandemic” and how will it differ from past epidemics? Men are just as likely to become victims of Narcissistic-Sociopathic abuse as women. Also don’t forget about the 30% of American’s that didn’t qualify for any unemployment but were still forced out of work by our incredibly authoritarian Governor. Hard working people who happen to be in the right tax bracket that made them sitting ducks for disaster.

“Haven’t you noticed on radio commercials to donate to women’s and children’s shelters in your areas?

People who are suffering from trauma and whatever cocktail of numbing agent(s) they choose just shows we do not have healthy boundaries nor healthy coping skills. I’m not sure we even know what actual human rights looks like anymore. We assume these changes only apply to other people…………….and they do………………and that’s racism in a nutshell. Racism has been fueling hate for Millenia and it is easy to hurt someone or do I mean something when you hate them; when you don’t want them to have what you have. A Narcissist does not want anyone to have what they have and that includes equal share of the money, equal share of the land, equal share of the credit and equal share of the rights. Surely there are enough rights to go around for everyone so what is the problem? The fact that we continue to control women’s fertility easily fuels abandoned or should I sugar coat it “adopting out” your unwanted child or maybe your family is forcing you to get rid of your child, or your new partner doesn’t want your child because it’s not his. Abandoning children is our oldest form of discarding ill or unwanted children. Casting out children is nothing new to human history, individuals have done it and entire governments have committed genocide against a “class” of people’s children. In the 1600’s when wealthier pilgrims came to settle they didn’t know how to fend for themselves and were starving. Bodies of animals, adults and children were found together in piles. The markings on the bones were clear the animals and people had been butchered for consumption. There were area’s in the woods that were dumping grounds for unwanted or sick infants that had been exhumed by archeologists.

Familicide is typically an act of parent killing their own child and you’ll often find it in families with Narcissistic abuse as well as families who are struggling financially, emotionally, mentally or whatever reason to find what our old biologically and primitively driven mind sees as “humane” instead of “murder”. Basically, the idea is to remove children from dangerous situations by ending their life. This clearly shows the inability to adapt to ones environment and children end up being a target by their own family members. Adoption agencies are just another form of human trafficking. Isn’t it odd, why do they care about how many children women have or don’t have? They say we are saving a life by choosing adoption but these unwanted babies age out of the system or are the subjects of the many fosters they’re paraded through. Many are poor or with criminal record and if they have families may also spread their own abandonment issues to their own children. Is pushing adoption over abortion a ploy so there is also fresh supply of slaves each year? Just know if you are pregnant and you don’t want that child right now during this pandemic, I can almost guarantee that child will be lost forever to a world of poverty, crime, substance abuse, sexual abuse and possibly even human slavery.





Donna Woodruff

Just a mom who decided to do something about our governments mess, I guess women have to clean up everything……….oh well better late than never.