Alexander Hamilton Rolling in His Grave

Donna Woodruff
9 min readOct 2, 2020

October 1, 2020

Lemme tell ya a little story about Alexander Hamilton. He and his brother were on their own at a very young age after their mother died. Alexander lied about his age since younger children were more likely to become apprentices. He was 13 and said he was 11 in hopes he’d find a job which luckily he found himself an apprentice of finance. At a time when slavery was legal means he saw the in’s and out’s of legal slavery’s financial background with actual tangible documents of how much slaves cost, who bought them, how old slaves were, where slaves were born tracing everything back to the major corporations and banking institutions of that time. It was the Monarchs of the past who had created the slave trade and it was their trusty banks who managed slavery finances for these powerful people.

In 1803 King George III abolished slavery however he only adjusted the process of slavery. It became that slaves could be owned temporarily under a contract, but they still would not be paid and eventually that term of indentured servitude would end but where would they go next? Who else was involved with the banking systems of that time? The Crime Families of the slave trade that’s who, but who are they? When rumor spread of King George working to abolish slavery the banks as well as their investors, the criminals running the slave trade learned how much they all stood to lose if they allowed slavery to end so they sought to do something about it. Imagine corporate lawyers then. The United States was coming into it’s own and there weren’t any official anti-slavery nor anti-slave trade laws here in existence in the late 1700’s and early 1800’s. This meant if the banks and those who own the banks could afford to buy all the slaves to have them shipped to the America’s meant that silly King George’s open ended Abolishment wouldn’t apply to another country who’d declared it’s independence from Great Britain. Or so we thought.

Its no wonder Alexander when he came to America in order to help create a free country he was the one who really knew what was going to end Englands control over our country. Due to him being directly apprenticed and raised in the financial system from a young age he learned that trade was the foundation to any successful nation. It wouldn’t just end financial control of Queen Mother it would also destroy their cult customers (the bank owners) from being able to practice their cult teachings and wouldn’t have slaves to make their victims. Hamilton, Adams and Madison wanted to create a country whose values were that of Christian faith and a federalist anti-slavery system. Hamilton knew we needed our own bank and he was wealthy enough to do it as well as the people he married in to. He already had investors who were interested but he knew he’d have to make his way up the political ladder to do it. In fact in 1796 during the first tie election John Adams was running for re-election, so the federalists were starting to invade the political system in the 1790’s. Were they working to abandon slavery and all connections to the banking systems of England? Was the financial gain from slavery too tempting to part with? If so it would mean in 1800 or possibly even 1804 Alexander Hamilton could have won those elections if it weren’t for the treasonous racketeering inside the pro-slavery Democratic Party. If Hamilton had not dueled with Aaron Burr in 1804 would he have been elected president and possibly have abolished slavery before King George III? It’s possible despite the recent allegations. This would have meant America could have stopped the slave trade before they had the chance to flood our nation with more vulnerable people. We would have began trading with Canada, Mexico, South America and the Islands along the coast of the America’s. We would’ve been a booming rich nation and Queen Mother wouldn’t have been able to get her filthy hands on it any of it. Not a cent. We would still be the freest nation in the world and would’ve also had equally strong trade that may have led us towards a tax free and classist free society.

Here are a few things that damaged his reputation and it still go’s on in typical mudslinging fashion today. It even happened the moment Trump was elected, BOOM SEX SCANDAL WITH A PORN STAR!!! Could she have been paid to go to court with Donald Trump over these allegations? Do I think he’s capable of doing what she claimed, yes things like that happen all the time, it would be ignorant to not consider it, however what if he actually didn’t do it? What if this was the sex scandal that was supposed to get him immediately impeached failed?………..So, the Democratic party members blew up a scandal Hamilton was apart of though it seems more of a trap for Hamilton. Alexander definitely had a weakness for women, and when a woman approached him one night stating she was being abused and had nowhere to go he offered kindness and maybe a little more. It was later speculated it was an affair which damaged his credibility. Hamilton was also unnervingly outspoken and wasn’t concerned with making friends inside our new government; much like another president I know. He was gifted in finance and lost his mother at a young age much like another president I know. Even Trump has done things to raise awareness and end human trafficking although his ICE camp makes me think otherwise.

Was Alexander Hamilton so dangerous to the slave trades existence they spun a scandal for him to fall into because he knew exactly how to cut off their riches for good and expose not just England but our new parliament for the Anti-Christian Cults they really were? Was he going to put stipulations on how religions could practice so it would make them vulnerable to exposure? I think so, maybe we should go back and read all the federalist papers he wrote to discover the truth, because the truth has already been written a few times. How many religious books are there, how many religions are there, how many past political systems that were also based on worship were there and still exist now? Nearly every system of religion and government have been created either because they were escaping slave-dom or creating it. Nothing ever changed, when they came here their systems eventually went underground and it’s where they stayed and operated, paying in blood money over and over and over again in hopes of creating a system where slavery could exist. Maybe this was how Bill Clinton paid our debts down in the 90’s, if the Democratic party is pro-slavery still today, is all their campaign money blood money? Was United States debt reduced because it was paid for with our children's innocence? If in fact slave trade dollars paid US debts in the 90’s does that mean Bill Clinton and those involved with the Clinton Administration directly money laundered inside our government and disguised it as paying off national debt?

Our country was run for several years before having another President. George Washington wasn’t president because he was the most equipped to be president. He was president because he was the CEO of human slavery to and from the America’s. He was the biggest crime boss to Mother England herself and every slave customer who was using all the America’s and their soon to exist new Trade Route Panama Canal (watergate). Ol’ George Washington was looking for one last conquest before his eminent retirement. His jobs were to create a pro-slavery government and begin construction of the Panama Canal and he made good on his word for not just English Parliament but the Bank of England and those who owned it at the time which was The Rothschild Family. The America’s were where after his last big job for England he intended to retire on a big fat throne built by slaves. The case of Watergate isn’t just the scandal in 1976 it’s the entire history of slave trade in the USA since and before our existence, this is why all these scattered documents are called conspiracies, they have to gaslight you to hide the truth. Also if they’re conspiracies then why do they all make perfect sense when put together?

These documents are also all the names of the owners and operators of the human slave trade and every business disguised as a cult and protected under our first amendments freedom of religion. Just how Jeffery Epstein's exposure also let loose some important political connections to the slave trade, the missing documents of the Watergate case are no different in it’s act to cover up for the owners and operators of slavery. This is why Watergate is relevant now and will always be relevant as long as the slave trade exists. There are 2 things Trump could be doing this election while also attempting to not get suicided like the supposedly late Jeffery Epstein. He could very well be looking to completely end their slave trade system and fully expose them for the crime bosses and pedophiles they all are; as well as every single operating cult/corporation in the United States who’s involved in human trafficking for any reason. Trump also has so much money and enough investors he could literally create our very own USA owned and operated Federal Reserve and a Central Bank of the United States. It’s his creation of ICE and the families sitting and wasting away in these compounds that make me wonder if he’s actually taking over the slave trade. His warm affiliations and coziness to dear Putin also says that he could be a Russian informant who is the CEO of illegal arms and drug trades and has been put in this position of power to obtain the human trafficking trade for Russia which means we’re screwed no matter if we vote Democrat or Republican.

Does this mean a Libertarian can save us? I guess it’s possible, are federalists hiding in the Libertarian party or is it just more and more corruption? Either way, we don’t need our government to fix this when we have the power ourselves to end human slavery. I believe the Federalist movement needs to come back with or without this election. It’s time to abandon our governments ways without abandoning our country and our neighbors. These kids need us, these are our babies they’re trying to get you to purge over the next few years in order for them to achieve whatever their torture of humans is getting them besides filthy rich. Pedophiles are coming for our government, and once they make human slavery legal without having to do much to our laws at all in order to get away with it they’ll come for us and it won’t matter what color your skin is or which church you go to, the only thing that will matter is your tax bracket and that is your time clock that you will either punch in to slavery or punch out forever. If we don’t end human slavery, it’s going to end us all. Pray to whatever God you believe in and whatever God you don’t because life and death are on the other side of this election and we need to be ready for what’s coming. All I know is I’m not sitting around waiting to find out, I’m starting the Federalist Political Party and I’m going to do what Alexander Hamilton set out to do and that was ending all financial connections to those of the slave trade and choosing to ensure the growth of small business through a new banking practice and process to keep debt out of our citizens lives. Keeping us debt free is what will actually keep us from slavery. If we can work to achieve a non-classist (aka end all taxation without representation) we may actually get to a point where we’ll never need Taxation. We’re still the teenager pulling at Queen Mother’s apron strings, it’s time to cut ourselves off already. Let World War III be a battle of the courts of People against Washington’s District of Columbia.

The government needs your obedience in order to achieve slavery, it’s time for civil disobedience in the form of writing. You don’t have to join them to win, you just have to beat them at their own game. There is still time, vote like your life depends on it because it literally does. This means that every election since the creation of our Nation has been the most important election towards true civil rights and justice. I believe a federalist led nation would have ended slavery as well as taxation without representation and we are still capable of doing what Alexander Hamilton tried to do before he died.



Donna Woodruff

Just a mom who decided to do something about our governments mess, I guess women have to clean up everything……….oh well better late than never.